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Bee Chama Honey is 100%
Raw & Unfiltered Honey 
A minimum of handling and processing is what makes raw, unfiltered honey far superior to the highly processed and pasteurized honey that is commonly found in commercial markets. The high level of filtration used by corporate packing companies removes many of the beneficial products left from the extraction process like small amounts of pollen and wax known as cappings. Pasteurization destroys many of the healthy qualities of honey by degrading the enzymes the bees have added into the natural product.

Honeys Available SPRING 2011
Mountain Wildflower Honey*
Desert Wildflower Honey*
Desert Marigold*
Strawberry / Raspberry Honey
NEW! Snowberry Honey*
Meadowfoam Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Buckwheat Honey
Carrot Honey 
Mountain Gamble Oak
Melon Honey
Star Thistle
*Our Wild New Mexico Honeys